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Prices will no longer be updated as I no longer have the time to maintain this website. Thanks to everyone that has used it over the years.


Compare Vinyl has been aggregating vinyl record prices since 2010. We are pretty much a one man operation, but enlisted the help of 1524 Interactive to redesign the site from the ground up in 2012. The site is built using Ruby on Rails and is hosted on the Heroku platform.

We sometimes post a deal-a-day that you can subscribe to by following us on Facebook.

As you know, buying vinyl is more fun when you can see/touch/feel what you are about to put your hard earned money towards. When possible, you should support your local record store! Our favorites here in Austin, TX are:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you obtain the data that is on your site?

    We wrote a bot that scrapes the data from vinyl sites. Amazon data is obtained via their API.

  • Why do you bother showing the highest price for an album?

    We do this to give you a quick idea of the pricing spread. This can clue you into whether there is an expensive limited edition grouped into the listings.

  • Why group deluxe editions in with non-deluxe editions?

    Due to the inconsistencies in the way sites name products and the lack of a provided common identifier, it is hard to group albums and we do some manual merging every day. It's easy to tell by the prices which are likely to be fancy-pants editions and if you can't tell, just click all the price links to beats searching separately on each site :)

  • Do you make money off of Compare Vinyl?

    Yes, but not much. The site pays for itself, with a couple bucks left over each month, which we usually put into advertising.

  • How do you make money?

    Affiliate marketing. if you click through and buy something from a site with an affiliate program, we get a small percentage of your purchase. It is all anonymous, so don't worry about us judging you for buying Abba's Greatest Hits :P

  • What tools did you use to build the site?

    Compare Vinyl is built with Ruby on Rails and Twitter Bootsrap and is hosted on Heroku. It also uses open source projects we have written: Randumb and Track That

  • The new site looks awesome. Who did the site redesign?

    The first version of the site looked like ass, but worked decently. The version you see today was a joint effort between us and the guys over at 1524 Interactive.